What Happens After 2AM

What Happens After 2 AM

*Cues OutKast’s SpottieOttieDopaliscious*

| By: Mariah Johnson |

The Sugar Shack, the early 1970s, by Ernie Barnes


Now, I know I can’t be the only one that notices the anxiety floating in the air once a bar/club is about to close around 2AM.  It’s like Deja Vu when the DJ cuts the music to slow R&B hits and the lights come on.  In my opinion…

2 AM bears the stench of angst and upheaval.  It lingers on the breath of liquid courage and can be seen as beads of sweat dripping down from foreheads.  Young men and young women have just experienced a taste of the nightlife.  As the DJ cuts to some of the most sensuous slow jams, attention is diverted to the middle of the dance floor.  Two guys have just started going at it.  And the crowd goes wild.  Between the couple still vibin’ in the corner, to the fellas receiving digits at the bar, 2AM has cast its spell.

Intoxicated fumes have now  transformed into anxiety.  Anything you say could birth confrontation and it doesn’t help that dancing has inadvertently turned to pushing and shoving to get to exits.    The smiles once plastered on faces and the lip syncing to music  have now been replaced with rapid conversation of inquiry on, which waffle house or steak n’ shake won’t be crowded?

Outside on the back patio macho staff men are trying to break up another fight but eventually get involved in the tussle themselves.  If they’re fighting, who’s gonna stop it?  Onlookers just stay out of the way observing at a distance.  This ain’t nothing new for the veterans of the night life.

But I guess this is just my interpretation of the situation.

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Mariah Johnson is a alumna of Wright State University, she was a December 2016 graduate. She is a singer, poet and artist from Dayton Ohio. Mariah is back in Dayton Ohio and loves being the content creator for the Underrep’d. Mariah is also the community organizer for the Ohio Student Association

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