Everybody’s Dying In the Summer; 5 Things Black People Need More Of

Everybody’s Dying In the Summer; 5 Things Black People Need More Of


Intercessors Song, by Steve Prince

“…so pray to God for a little more spring”

I think we’re all just tired.  Not only of illegitimate policing tactics, policy driven racism, and the disproportionate amounts of blacks being incarcerated, but because our efforts in trying to fight this sick world always seem to fall through the cracks.  I think a lot of us are feeling like our voices are running hoarse; that if we take to the streets, what the hell is that going to do for us.

It’s time for a new revolution.  A new way of doing things and a new way of thinking, whatever that may mean; I’m just here to spark something within you.  However, I will share what I think our community, as African Americans, need.  With it comes being extremely mindful, intentional, and a whole lotta love.


We are harboring years and years of psychological pain from our ancestors.  Ever heard of a slave mentality?  It comes with many behaviors that are often seen in the black home and community as a result of slavery such as, light skin (house slave)  vs dark skin (field slave), complexities in black love, non-attachment to kids, and having a competitive nature, just to name a few.  In order to progress and move forward as a community, we must acknowledge this pain and all that is embedded and heal!  We need more spaces created to just heal which leads to educating each other.


I’m not just saying this because I work at a library, BUT GET YOU A LIBRARY CARD!  Educate yourselves and educate others.  Ignorance is bliss and when we aren’t operating in love and we witness ignorance, it can be easy to make fun of or get angry with someone.  Open your mind to what is a beautiful virtue, patience and rid yourself of a reactionary mind.  We need to take the time to have conversations with each other and offer knowledge within these interactions.  It is vital to plant these seeds.


I’m really feeling like this is the year of self-care and self-love.  It is a known fact that when you love yourself, you are able and even willing to give that love to others just the same.  And when this ripple effect begins of you loving yourself and then shifting that love to others and in turn they themselves offer that love to the next person, the results are nothing but light.

Community & Support

Now, more than ever, I feel like black people are following their true callings which means now more than ever, to ensure their success, we, as African Americans, need to support in every way possible.  We are some of the most creative and innovative beings; always taking what we’re given and creating masterpieces.  The transfer of energy is real so if you can’t support someone through monetary value, support with kind words, and the sharing of each others talents so networking becomes a natural thing amongst us.  We are a collective of unique beings.  We are all one, not competition.  We are all family, not strangers.


I’ve been reading W.E.B. Du Bois’ The Souls of Black Folks’ (great read btw) and from  his opening chapter he touches on black nationalism.  Black nationalism is the advocacy of separate national status for black people, especially in the United States.  Du Bois feels as though this is an extreme way of trying to be black and acclimated in America (keep in mind this book was written just 40 years after the Emancipation of slaves).  All in all, he is opposed to this.   Instead he speaks on similar things I have written about already.  Our involvement in the system that continues to hold us captive is the same system we need to get our hands on in order to watch the hatred crumble.  Don’t like politics? Too bad, this society revolves around it therefore it is imperative that you know about it.  Actually becoming a politician and a policy maker is one thing (I agree, it’s not for everyone), but you know what scares some of those crooked folks in Washington the most, your involvement in any way.

They want you to lose hope in the system.  They want you to believe that it just can’t work for you.  Don’t believe that foolery.  These people are smart and this system can be turned around if only we make time to dismantle.  I won’t say too much more but I hope this sparks a conversation.  Come talk to me about how we can see the success of our people.  Peace and Love to you all.


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Mariah Johnson is a alumna of Wright State University, she was a December 2016 graduate. She is a singer, poet and artist from Dayton Ohio. Mariah is back in Dayton Ohio and loves being the content creator for the Underrep’d. Mariah is also the community organizer for the Ohio Student Association

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