Originally a note to self.


Seriously, Exhale.


I’m writing this to the person tightly closed in a bud; for the individual bounded by fear and planted in a soil enriched by your tears.  Here’s a word for you, bloom.


Assumptions of failure are toxic to the soul. In other words, what hasn’t even happened yet is unnecessary stress we cause ourselves.  Such mindsets are what hold us back from chasing after any dream.  Instead we spend all our time preparing; preparing to be ready to take that next step off the cliff because we don’t know whether we’ll fly or fall.  Problem is, people will spend their ENTIRE LIFE “in preparation”.


So seriously, just exhale.


Push it out from the stomach and release all that you are capable of.  Of course it’s easier said than done, trust me I know, but you must get in the habit of speaking life to yourself.  When you begin to feel uncomfortable because you’ve finally taken (what your mind thinks is a risk) the steps toward outing yourself, it’s easy to stop.  Always remember uncomfortability allows more room to grow, allows more opportunity for blessings to come, and allows an increase in appreciation for “the little things” in life.


Believe in you


& believe that whatever gift you’re harboring is there for the liberation of others.  Your gift could be what sets someone else free so quit being selfish 🙂 and shine.


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Mariah Johnson is a alumna of Wright State University, she was a December 2016 graduate. She is a singer, poet and artist from Dayton Ohio. Mariah is back in Dayton Ohio and loves being the content creator for the Underrep’d. Mariah is also the community organizer for the Ohio Student Association

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