Midwest Poetry Pt. 2


Siri Imani

From Cincinnati, Ohio, Siri Imani speaks nothing but truth.  I’ve seen her perform multiple times and each time she has graced the stage, she paints her reality so vividly to her audience.  She is  captivating when she speaks and commands attention just by how she performs.  She is a member of the group, Blvck Seeds, which is a collective of 3 other creatives seeking to promote positive urban culture.  She is also involved within local schools sharing the culture.  Shoutout to Siri Imani for being unique and an extraordinary poet.

Facebook: @SiriImaniartistpage

Twitter: @Siri_Imani

IG: @Siri_Imani


Harold Green

Chicago native, Harold Green, is one of the most profound poets I’ve encountered.  Before seeing him perform live, I heard him first on the intro of BJ The Chicago Kid’s EP, Pineapple Now – Laters (If you haven’t heard, go listen).  Green is also a motivational speaker and actor.  He’s written four full length plays as well as starring in over a dozen.  He is definitely the definition of a renaissance man.  If you haven’t heard him spit, make it a priority to do so.  Shoutout to Harold Green for being such a creative visionary.


Twitter: @HaroldGreen

IG: @HaroldGreen


Metaphorically Speaking


Poetry and entertainment group, Metaphorically Speaking, is a prominent group showcasing poets from all over, in Dayton, OH.  Lead poets of the group include Ace Metaphor and Jay Martinez, who are two very well known and accomplished poets.  You can almost always expect a sold out show.  Majority of their events take place in downtown Dayton, either at the Convention Center or the Victoria Theatre.  Definitely check out their social media to find out about their upcoming shows.  Shoutout to Metaphorically Speaking for bringing back the poetry scene to Dayton.

Facebook: @MetaphoricallySpeaking

IG: @MetaphoricallySpeakingDayton


Peace & Love

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Mariah Johnson is a alumna of Wright State University, she was a December 2016 graduate. She is a singer, poet and artist from Dayton Ohio. Mariah is back in Dayton Ohio and loves being the content creator for the Underrep’d. Mariah is also the community organizer for the Ohio Student Association

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